Getting To Know The New America Saves!

Our May 2021 Partner Resource Packet is a bit different than you’re used to! This month we wanted to take a step back and focus on supporting YOU, our Partners, Local Campaigns, and America Saves Week Participating Organizations, as you make a measurable impact on your communities using America Saves resources.

Over the past year, America Saves has been in a unique rebranding phase. From our logos to our websites, our messaging, and even the way we communicate with our Savers. Now, we want to amplify that (not new, but streamlined) messaging and refreshed brand to you!

In this packet, you’ll get insights and clarity on America Saves’ Mission, Vision, Values, and Commitments, get tips on how to best use our traditional Partner Resource Packets on social media and within your communications, an introduction to a brand new video series, and be invited to an upcoming #ThinkLikeASaver Virtual Town Hall.

As a valued partner, you are an integral part of what makes America Saves successful! And because your participation is so important, we wanted to make sure we continue to share with you what drives us to do the work that we do.

As you review the contents of this resource packet, think about how you can continue to grow with us as we work to encourage every person to build the savings habit that will spark a lifetime of building financial security.

Our Mission, Vision, Values, and Commitments.

Our Mission:
America Saves empowers all, particularly those who are financially vulnerable, to save effectively in order to reduce debt and build wealth.

Our Vision:
America Saves' vision is for all Americans to have an account in which they save automatically, successfully, and with at least $500 on hand to meet unexpected expenses.

Our Commitment:
America Saves is committed to the nation’s financial well-being. We provide relatable, easy-to-implement strategies to empower Americans to successfully save. We make financial stability attainable through sharing techniques, tools, and resources that are grounded in behavioral economics to build positive saving behaviors.

We are committed to changing the emotional tone and voice in the financial advice landscape, ensuring that we curate our content for the everyday individual, that we meet them where they are, and give practical advice based on their real life experience.
Our Values

America Saves is proud of our strategic messaging that motivates savers to take action to save successfully. 

We know that:

  • Saving with a plan makes savers 2xs more likely to meet their goal.
  • Saving automatically using split deposit is the easiest and most efficient way to save.

And we believe:

  • Our Savers can begin their saving journey with a mindset of “Start Small, Think Big.”
  • “Thinking Like A Saver” looks different for everyone, and we celebrate those small and big wins.
  • There should be a “no shaming” approach when it comes to encouraging people to save.
  • Saving is not political.
  • Saving for your past (reducing debt), present (emergency fund), and future (long-term savings such as retirement, education, and homeownership) is essential in creating financial stability.

Social Media Best Practices:
Click here to receive our best practices to help you streamline and maximize the content America Saves shares in both our Partner Resource Packets and on our social channels.


Whether your organization works with clients one on one, or reaches people virtually where they are, there are always opportunities to use America Saves resources to help support this connection!
Are you looking for a way to encourage your participants to increase their savings behavior? Maybe you’re hoping to encourage your employees to become more financially secure? Whatever your goal, America Saves has many resources to help facilitate these conversations, and the tools (like the pledge!) to support them along the way.

7 Steps to Starting Your Savings Journey: This resource is a great way to frame the conversation around saving! You can use this tool to walk participants through the steps, taking time to stop at each one to dig into how they identify their own financial story in each.
Discussion Questions: Are you “spending and saving aware,” having a clear view of your finances with clarity around where your money is going? Do you know your credit score? Have you set up automatic savings? What are your current financial goals?
You can discuss these things and more when you use this helpful resource to spark conversation. 

Free Financial Coaching & Counseling: If you are working with clients or audiences that could use a little extra support when it comes to their financial wellness, here’s a zero-cost, high-value opportunity to connect them with an Accredited Financial Coach or Counselor from AFCPE® America Saves has teamed up with the Coordinated Assistance Network and AFCPE to provide free financial coaching and counseling to our Savers.

This is a great resource and opportunity to pass along to your community, helping increase their financial stability and wellness.


America Saves 101 Video Series
We are excited to introduce the America Saves 101 Video Series! This is a series of short informational videos aimed at informing and empowering our partners about key tools, resources, and components of America Saves that you can incorporate and maximize inside your own programs and business. 

This series will be released throughout the year and will be accompanied by aligned trainings, so be on the lookout for additional videos and webinars just for our partners in the future.

Our first series is dedicated to the foundation of America Saves— the America Saves Pledge. Here’s what’s included:

America Saves 101: The America Saves Pledge

Part I. Intro to the America Saves Pledge

In this video we introduce and highlight what the America Saves Pledge is, how it works, and what Savers can expect once they’ve taken the Pledge.

Part II. Benefits of the America Saves Pledge

We know that when taking the pledge, Savers are making a commitment to themselves by committing to their goals. This video highlights additional benefits of both taking the America Saves Pledge and promoting the Pledge to your community!

Part III. Incorporating the America Saves Pledge

There are many ways to incorporate America Saves and the America Saves Pledge into your program. This video highlights general ways to incorporate America Saves into your program, as well as more specific guidance based on your organization type.

We hope you find these videos helpful, and we look forward to providing more in the coming months! Want more ideas on how to incorporate America Saves in your program or organization? Email us at


#ThinkLikeASaver: Creative Ways To Save
When: June 10th at 12 p.m. ET

Where: Live on America Saves Facebook and YouTube Channels

Have you ever needed to “find money?” As you consider your savings goals and financial future, it may be necessary to get a little creative to achieve the financial stability you envision. America Saves recommends that people start small and think big when it comes to saving, and there are many ‘small’ steps we can take that add up to BIG savings over time.

Join America Saves along with industry experts and influencers, as we share tips and resources that help you think outside of the box and create a useful plan to reach those savings goals.

Savers will walk away inspired and motivated, armed with clear strategies they can quickly implement to bolster their savings accounts and cash on hand. Additionally, participants will be eligible to win 1 of 5 $500 Sweepstakes and get FREE financial coaching and counseling.


(and feel free to invite your community to register and attend)

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